R.G. Rumbolt has had it’s roots firmly placed in North America for over 38 years

Forum Pump Systems featuring the BIG HORN truck and trailer mounted units , and the LITTLE GOAT-We have mixing pumps for all your leveling requirements.

We offer Rotor stators pump replacements and quick change alternatives:

Rotor and Stators:

Starq L

Starq S

Viapex Rotors and Stators



Big Horn Gypsum and Leveler Pump

3-4 Bag Gypsum Mixer

The Quick Connect adaptor to transform large pumps into accepting the durable, fast change Viapex rotor stators:

We have built, (& kept), our reputation, by having a team that consists of varied industry skills, dedication, knowledge, and years of hands on experience, which is all managed by its President & Owner, Robert Rumbolt, who comes with over 38 years of industry experience.

We pride ourselves on partnering with suppliers of floor levelers produced to the highest standards.

Pumps for uses in the gypsum flooring industry, and floor leveling. The Big Horn is a three to four bag gypsum flooring pump that is designed by flooring installers for flooring installers-the power in the mixing and pumping mechanisms is what installers have been wishing for for many years. Our electric pump the Little Goat, a powerful portable pump that combines mixing and pumping in a single unit that fits in any elevator and handles 4 to 5 -50 lb bags. Little Goat runs on single phase, 240 V available on any job site.

We offer equally polymers and natural fibers for use in GFRC Castings, and primers for gypsum and concrete flooring. We can assist you in many areas including floor leveling, specialty castings, and cementitious formulations.

In the end, my goal is to provide you with the best materials and solutions for your specific needs.

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