AccuCrete® NexGen and AccuCrete® Prime were created by our research team of chemists and engineers with the purpose of creating the best cementitious underlayment in the market today. These two new products will have a lower water requirement, yet still have an easier finishability, increased sand suspension, and better surface hardness.

AccuCrete® NexGen and AccuCrete® Prime are ideal for all types of wood frame and concrete construction. Applications include; multi-family, commercial, and renovation projects. Approved for 1 and 2-hour UL fire ratings, AccuCrete provides a smooth, dense surface excellent for a variety of floor coverings from carpeting to hardwood. It provides excellent sound dampening between floors and unit for any new construction or renovation. As a fast-setting underlayment, AccuCrete has a quick application and can be installed before drywall to simplify your project schedule.

AccuLevel® brand is a versatile family of engineered cements designed to meet the demands of today’s challenging and ever changing flooring market.

AccuLevel® brand self-leveling cements are ideal for smoothing out-of-level, old or damaged concrete in commercial, institutional or renovation construction and for flattening or leveling poured-in-place or precast concrete planks.

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